Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is a view of the pine trees that have pine beetles. I need to get a second opinion because it might be the black pine beetle, and if that's so the tree might be able to survive. I'm adjusting to the thought of a little more light in the backyard, so removal won't be so traumatic. Except for my pocket book.

Everything is on hold for the rest of the week though because it's quarter end and all my big deadlines are coming due.

Meet you at the weekend. Whoever gets there first, wins!


  1. Good luck! We've got a big push happening by tomorrow too. And yet I had a conference call yesterday and 2 more meetings today.

    No wonder SSG has been a little tired and cranky.


    : )

    Ha! And my password is comas. YES INDEED.

  2. I've been trying to play the glad game to come up with something "good" about having pine beetles. I haven't thought of anything yet! Pine beetles, no matter what color, sound dreadful. Perhaps like you say, if the trees have to go then there will be more light in the yard which means .... more flowers?

    I hope it all turns out okay and you are left with lots of reasons to smile.

  3. I'm to the weekend and finally catching up on everyone. I don't know about the beetles, but I like the pic.

  4. I made it to the finish line.....whooo! What a week. Love that picture! Good luck on your quarter end stuff....hoping it goes well for you.

    Sorry I'm so far behind on reading.



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