Friday, April 24, 2009

On the way home

I haven't had much time with my camera lately, so I was trolling the old shots I took. This one is a cherry tree in a church cemetery on Piedmont Road. It was so beautiful in the late afternoon light that I wanted to try to capture it- of course I was limited as to angle, time, composition, etc. since I took this from my car.

For two weeks I got to enjoy this tree on the ride to and from work.

Do you see anything beautiful on your ride home?


  1. I love those trees! We have a few still blooming here but for the most part everything has leaves on it now.

    I drive by the Willamette River in downtown Portland on my way home. The waterfront is really pretty with grass and trees and fountains ... and the occasional pack of fireman running and working out.


    Have a great weekend! I hope Gus is back to his old self.

  2. And I apologize for the tortured grammar in the post.

  3. Gorgeous tree and I hope you get some time with your camera this weekend.

    As you know, I see the bay every day. It always has this way of taking my breath away.



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