Saturday, April 25, 2009


Some of the best of my Saturday:

Gus, napping before lunch

The view from the sofa late Saturday afternoon - I love the color of the porch ceiling. They say that wasps won't build a nest on a ceiling that color because they think it is the sky.

The enemy have regrouped for another battle. Their numbers are dwindling, however.

The bench my brother and sister in law gave me one year. I went in search of turquoise color paint, and fell in love with the Tomato color. This is two cans worth, but I think it'll take two more.

My mother gave me this cute guy at Easter. I listened to him all day.

The herbs, pepper plants and geraniums that need to be planted tomorrow...

along with these tomatoes.

It was a good day.


  1. I used to have a wind chime like that, only it was made out of copper and brass...
    wonder which move it disappeared in?

  2. What a great day you had!!!

    I never knew that about painting the ceiling blue to ward off cool is that? It is a happy looking ceiling...very cheery and positive.

  3. What a lovely day! Love that wicker on your sun porch and that ceiling color. Looks like the perfect place to sit a glass of iced tea : )

    And I'm glad Gus is doing better. The sweetie. I discovered Fisher doesn't like garden hoses this weekend when she jumped into my potted plant outside to get away from it.


  4. Oh, sometimes reading your blog makes me long for a nice, calm day. I think I would be very confused if I ever had one...

  5. Turquoise would probably have been very nice, but Tomato is "ooh la la"! I want a bench like that! Where is my bottle genie when I need him? her?

  6. I love that bench also.

    I'm also with Candice in wondering what a day like that would be like. I remember them back in the day, but no more.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet.




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