Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoy the Possibilities

As I was enjoying my coffee and quiche this morning, I thought of all the possibilities for today. Then I got a little tense thinking of how to get it all done.

And I backed up and started over. Today I hope to go to the nursery and buy herbs and potting soil. This weekend I hope to get all my plants in pots or in the ground.

Today I hope to get to Home Depot and get the jade spray paint that I saw on a blog that is really turquoise and would be the perfect color for my bench which is primed and waiting in the basement. This weekend I hope to spray paint the bench "jade"/turquoise.

I hope to stop by the farmer's market. The only must is to go pick up my lamp from the lamp repair store.

I hope to drop by Target for yard sale supplies and begin pulling together the yard sale items. This one really excites me because yard sale = emptying house of stuff. I hope to be ruthless in my culling!

I hope to enjoy a couple of long walks with my pooches. We'll play it by ear for Gus' sake. He's still sore.

I hope to buy some Meyer lemons, which I've seen in the store, and make preserved lemons for this dish.

I hope to start my embroidery this evening, although if I accomplish half the above list today it's okay if I'm too tired.

For some reason, when I turn these things into what I hope to accomplish, instead of what I have to accomplish, it's less alarming.

I'll let you know how it goes. And, visit her. She has a request.

Enjoy the possibilities!


  1. Forget the, Cotton, and Gus come chill on the beach all day with me.

    Ummm, post on the lemon preserves and delish dish, please..and thank you.

    Enjoy your day sweetie. You deserve it. Smooches for Gus!!! And for Cotton too...because I love her.

  2. I Think you have shared the secret.
    The one no one ever remembers,
    and I thank you.
    It has been a brutally dark and dismal couple of days.
    But I got through them, and I did well, so instead of dwelling on what I didn't get done, and how dark some of the moments have been. I shall be happy at what i have achieved..
    Thank you for the reminder



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