Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chocolate Chip Ajuga, or Last Friday

Last Friday was glorious - blue skies forever. And the chocolate chip ajuga was blooming. The next day, rain and cold blew back in, but Friday was wonderful.

I left work early to meet the service tech for my heating/cooling system because it was time to service the unit for warm weather (did I mention lows were in the 30s shortly after this?).

After the tech left, it was time to pick up my dogs. This house is on my left as I go to pick up the dogs from doggie daycare. I've been watching it because I love the stone on the front. And when the dogwood burst into bloom, it looked lovely.

Only one more day 'til the weekend.

C ya.


  1. I have happily ignored my way through the whole week.

    Love the flowers named for chocolate and that house...that is my kinda house as well.

  2. Oh look! That house is for sale, guess who your new neighbor is going to be! ; )

    Isn't Alicia Paulson's site AMAZING?! I wrote the name of that book down too : ) I hope your meeting goes well and that Cotton is feeling better.



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