Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fighting Back

If you have one of these with 7 holes on top and at least as many on the sides and bottom and no telling how many more in the rest of the deck...

Then you are plenty pleased when you find 21 of these are overcome by the exterminator.

Leaving you with sunlight on azaleas so you don't dwell on the carnage above.

P.S. Gus has asked me to thank you for your well wishes--he especially likes it when folks send him kisses. And he sends Audrey a big slurp and he loves you too!


  1. Ok, that's it. Pack everyone up and come to Chez SSG. We don't have bugs. But there is SSG & Fisher.

    Now if we can do something about that SUN ...

  2. Oh, I am so sad about Gus...
    Give him some love from me!Too!
    and YEAH! strike one for us!
    Mr. termite inspector says we are good..
    (Phweeew! one big sigh of relief!

  3. Glad to hear Gus is on the mend...gross, yuck, bugs...but LOVE the azaleas...they are beee uuu tiful right now, aren't they?

    Must have been ALL that rain this season.

    Your camera lens and you are getting along, I see.

  4. Glad you won that war!

    Those flowers are beautiful. Still wet and cold up here, but I'm hoping to get in my flower beds this weekend.

    Miss being here. Life will slow down soon. Right?


  5. I love azaleas . I used to have some, but I don't any more. You've inspired me to go get some!



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