Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday, for the second day, the wind blew, the temperatures hovered in the 40s and pine pollen swirled around Atlanta. Oh-and at one point as I twittered, snow was blowing around my 36th floor office window.

I came up with the Chamber of Commerce's new slogan for Atlanta in April: Freeze and Sneeze. I expect to make some big money on it.


In other news, Cotton is under the weather. That's why she won't play with Gus. Girlfriend has a bit of a sensitive stomach. Nothing Serious, but it is Chronic. We visited The Dog Whisperer Vet (my dogs melt when he shows up, and they will drag you along the concrete to get in the door of his office) and got stocked up on two stomach medicines and told to buy the pepcid or prilosec acid reducers.

Well. If things continue their stressful path at work, I can use Cotton's medicine. Human medicine prescribed for dogs is less expensive, did you know?

Have a good day!


  1. I'm sorry Cotton is sick. The stomach virus is no fun (human OR dog variety). I hope the meds help and she feels better soon.

  2. Oh poor little baby! And please stop it with her cute dog bed and toys, if Fisher knows such things exist she's going to run away and never come back. She leaves stuffed toys in a pile of white stuffing and an empty fuzzy body.

    I hope she gets well soon!

    Side Note: SNOW & HUMIDITY?! Perhaps SSG won't be moving to Atlanta ...

  3. When I lived in Atlanta we had snow three days in three years. That's about ll I could handle.

  4. Ohhhh, can I come down and love on her for about 100 hours? I hope she is feeling better soon.

    Does she need some new toys? That ALWAYS makes me feel better.



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