Monday, April 20, 2009

Bait and Switch

I took this picture this weekend, thinking I would show my starting point.

But this morning I am distracted by the termite situation. A termite specialist has examined the basement and there are termites, the foul fiends. So now I know more than I ever wanted to know about termites, except exactly how far does the damage go, how do you figure that out and are repairs really needed? Oh, and there are some sort of boring beetles. Boring as in drilling, not dull. But that's an infestation for a different day.

If anyone's counting, we're up to 4: pine beetles, carpenter bees, termites and borer beetles (whatever the real name is).

On the other hand, I am reassured that the floor will not fall out from under my bed when I go to sleep tonight. Which occurred to me in the wee hours when all noises are exaggerated and no far-fetched fear is too far-fetched.

So, the termite situation is not as pervasive as I feared.

On to the next pestilence. I feel like Don Quixote - except my dream is a little less noble and a lot more vengeful.


  1. Woo hoo for the DMC being out! I am so excited to see what you are up to! I love my DMC collection. And my little angels I am working on.

    Hate pests and pest controllers...I am feeling for you.

  2. Keep your fingers crossed the termite inspector comes here today too!
    The little buggers need to stay in the woods, thats what we left the woods for, them

  3. Hmmm ... SSG doesn't know what to say about termites except that she hopes they don't dig on the vinyl siding, which is what's covering SSG's plastic palace.

    I hope it's a cheap, easy fix! Oh and that the termite spray fixer whatever guy is cute. That always makes everything better. Especially if HE'S cheap and easy too ; )

  4. I tend to agree with SSG. If the termite cute it makes his asking price and his involved history of borer beetles a lot easier to take. If he's the kind of guy whose bottom crack shows, then I suggest you take your embroidery outside, find a warm sunny spot and not even think about bugs for awhile. They'll be there, or they won't, when you've rested.

    Is it possible that all these digging bugs could be leading you on a treasure hunt and once the digging is done you'll find a pot of gold?

    Hmmm. Probably not, but I was trying to play the glad game! It's kind of hard to think of something glad about termites!

  5. I so-o - o sympathize. And before you buy any more DMC, wanta look over my stash? Mama



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