Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is the view from my office on Tax Day, April 15th. I look out on the Georgia State Capital, which is covered in gold leaf from Dahlonega, Ga. I can also see Turner Field, home of the Braves and behind that would be the airport if I had framed the photo differently.

What's the point? The point is that if you look in front of the white building, you see lots of people.

Those people gathered for a Tea Party. Taxed Enough Already.

And the reaction to these parties has been interesting to me, and started me thinking. I wonder how the neighbors felt when all that tea was dumped in Boston Harbor. I'm sure then, as now, not everyone agreed. Were they as polarized as it seems the United States has become? After all, they were not that long departed from England.

As I looked at the capital, and the people gathering, I thought about something I heard a comedian say: "the extremes at either end will always protest. it's the people in the middle who don't protest. what are they going to do? show up in DC and chant "be reasonable"?".



  1. The poor fools, ( ahem) stuck in the middle realize that the imperfections of humanity are most glaringly manifest in politics.

  2. Oy vey. I do love a good protest though! Some people the other day were marching down the street in Portland carrying a gigantic wooden cross. Not too sure what that was about!

    LOVE you view! Can you watch baseball games from there? SSG wouldn't get any work done if that were the case!

  3. And by "you view" I totally mean YOUR view ; )

  4. Awesome view...and your political one isn't too far off either.



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