Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Good Trees Go Bad

All over Atlanta, scenes like these repeat themselves. About 1/2 mile from my house, which is on the street in the first picture, a tree fell on a car, killing the driver.

Atlanta's trees, weakened by a multi-year drought (which I firmly believe was triggered by having my basement made waterproof), standing in saturated soil from April showers, couldn't stand up to the wind storm that came through yesterday morning. Above, two houses narrowly escaped damage when this healthy oak came crashing down. The tree trunk is split from the force of the landing. It stripped limbs off 3 surrounding trees and took down the power pole.

You can see the sky above...

because the limb was lying on the ground below.
Where was I during this tree rave? I was in my house hearing limbs rain down from every direction. I had planned to stay home and loaded up on allergy medicine. When this started, I decided work was safer and loaded up the dogs to go to go to the kennel.

I feel quite blessed not to have a new pine wall treatment though the center of my house. I didn't have cable or internet yesterday following the storm but it was back on by early this morning.

You can bet I'm offering a prayer of thanks for my safety after seeing all this!

Take care.


  1. Glad you're well. I prayed for my Atlanta friends during this. We were following the storms.

    So very, very glad that all is well with friends.


  2. Oy vey! I am so GLAD you didn't have new foliage in your house!

    And that POOR person in the car--things like that are HEARTBREAKING.

    I'm glad you and the pups are safe and sound.

  3. 100 year old oak trees fell in my neighborhood. We've trimmed or de-treed in our yard. Come hurricane season we spend a lot of time praying.

    If you and the dogs were not home, did the falling trees make a sound?

  4. I'm so grateful you and the dogs were safe. Mama



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