Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2008

Some fairly significant things going on at my house. Carpenter bees are decimating the deck, pine beetles have lodged-where else?-in the pines, and I think we will discover one more infestation before the week is out.

I guess April is my month for home maintenance, because this time last year, the little white cottage was getting a new roof.

Anyone who can suggest homeopathic calming treatments, feel free to leave them in the comments.
Oh-and tonight is the end of ER. I loved that show. ER saw me through my first year of knowing only 1 person in Atlanta. Does anyone besides me remember the harrowing episode where Anthony Edwards is trying to save the mom? Everyone was talking about it at work the next day.
C ya.


  1. A hot shower and some kind of lavender smelly stuff. When I'm crazed and out of control, I can live in the shower. Mostly I just do the lavender routine before I go to sleep.

    P.S. I've learned not to stick my nose into the middle of a spray of lavender, too much is not a good thing. But letting the aroma waft up to you nose is heavenly!

  2. I remember that episode! So so good. I haven't watched the show as much in the past. I do remember seeing George Clooney and one of the nurses doing a scene here in Chicago. They were filming right around the corner from where I was working.


    Love taking copius amounts tonight and supposedly it helps with weightloss too.

    Like instant prozac.

    Walgreens and healthfood stores.

  4. A NAP always works for SSG, followed by a cup of coffee and a perusal of a good magazine.

    Hang in there, I love your sweet little house!

  5. Is that the deck you had to lay on to take those pictures of the plant? Yikes!

  6. I remember that episode. So many memories from early ER. I was a nursing student then and it started 2 months before I met Scott. Memories.....




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