Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mystery Helicopters

This was the view as I left work on the 19th. Yep, I was the last one in my group.

As I walked down the hall to the elevator lobby, I had this view from the hallway windows: see the 3 helicopters? I wondered what was up. I guessed a bank robbery.

Let's have a little game: what do you think these guys were lined up to see? It was around 6:30 in the afternoon, the view from the window is roughly south looking toward Turner Field where the Braves play ball. Beyond the stadium is the airport. The helicopters are pointed roughly west.
Come on, guess!


  1. If it were in Southern California, it would be for nothing but traffic.
    Cool picture.

  2. Oh
    it's the men in black
    on their way to greet the newest arrivals from mars...
    and see if they brought any more really good junk food.

  3. It was a rescue of window washers by an Atlanta Fireman - he got in his rope rig and got down to each guy and lowere them to the roof below. I think it was a waffle house.

    I wouldn't want to contemplate life without firemen. They're always there when you need them.

  4. But I like the men in black answer!

  5. I just saw this. How cool is that? You're right, firefighters are awesome. Cool picture.

  6. Um, you KNOW how SSG feels about fireman! : )



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