Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Expedition

Saturday some friends and I drove about 40 miles above Atlanta and went to explore some antique stores...we had such a good time I forgot about my camera most of the time. But I did get some shots...

I love the metal piece below. See the crown on top?

One antique place included a nursery. There was a geranium that had an ivy look and the most beautiful coral blossoms...

The next two are either side of the front porch. First, the right...

and then the left.

These dishes feature dragons - I don't think I've ever seen any quite like this.

For those of you in high school in the early 80' you remember the must have car? It was the 280Z from Nissan. And there was one boy in my class, Kenny C, who had one. When we stopped for lunch Saturday, I was so surprised to see a near mint 280Z in the parking lot. I found later it belonged to a lady who couldn't drive her Harley that weekend because "my carpal tunnel is acting up and I can't hold the throttle open that long this weekend".

We had a great time. Thanks, Marlene for finding the places to explore!


  1. What a great weekend! I love the carpal tunnel comment!

  2. What a great time that must have been!! I love doing trips like that.

    I saw Marlene and I was like, "Wait...but I was in Richmond this weekend...or was I?"

  3. I remember 280Z"s!
    I had a crush on a candy apple red one.
    the days of big hair..

  4. So funny! I just saw a 280z the other day. I had forgotten about them. My bestfriends older sister had one and we used to sit in it in the garage and pretend to drive.



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