Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden Fresh

Is anything more evocative of summertime than garden fresh produce?

When one is given a gift of cucumbers, and has on hand an onion and sour cream, one consults the Internet for a recipe to use these ingredients (possibly because one has gotten up late, walked the dogs, had coffee, read and hasn't yet gotten cleaned up to go out).

And after mixing sour cream, cider vinegar, celery salt, chopped dill, a touch of sugar and some grated onion... has sour cream cucumbers a la 1956. Yum!

Let me know what time to expect you!


  1. I'm not familiar with Cucumbers a la 1956 but I'm thinking it looks mighty tasty!

  2. looks a whole lot easier than bread and butter pickles ...

  3. Oh yummy! That looks wonderful!

    I'm on my way : ) Oh but wait ... it's hot there right now, right?



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