Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Picture and A Story

I never promised the story went with the photo!

Monday night I was walking the dogs. If you've been here before you will have found it hard not to know I have golden retrievers. Sweet, loving, loyal, steadfast, make love not war, and could you please scratch my belly goldens. Gus and Cotton.

As we turned the corner on the second block of our walk, a neighbor was opening their garage door. Suddenly their dog came boiling out of the garage, took one look at Cotton and laid into her. She screamed. I screamed. We spun in circles. I'm not sure what Gus did, but he refrained from making it worse. I was convinced Cotton was mortally wounded based on the snarling, growling and the other dog's grip on her neck.

Suddenly it was over, and the other dog hadn't broken her skin. Her thick fur helped I'm sure. She was shaking and looking for the other dog. We got out of there and I continued an abbreviated walk to give her time to calm down and hopefully not associate walking on her leash with negative feelings.

What's that? Gus? What did Gus do, you ask? I'll tell you. When the other dog was removed, Gus calmly looked and him did his biggest, deepest "WOOF. WOOF." But only the two. That's all.

Cotton seemingly bounced back with no ill effects. The last test was doggie run around today. I wanted to be sure she didn't get defensive in the jostling that inevitably goes with dog play.

Now. Here's the question. In this instance, what makes a good neighbor?

What should I have done and what should she have done?


  1. Well, you know, I threatened to shoot my neighbors dog so I'm probably not qualified to answer.
    What did you do???

    In my defense he was attacking our puppy as I was trying to clean up after 3 sick kids. I guess you could say I lost my cool!

  2. Let me think about this one for a makes me mad that a dog with attacking issues was let out of the garage without a thought.

    I probably would have been calling the animal control officials.

  3. I've been in this situation and usually 1)stand there and scream "No, No" or 2)think I'm Superwoman an go in to the fray with both arms swinging like I can physically break up the snarling animals.

    I have to add that neither rescue technique works too well.

    I'm so glad Cotton is okay. And let me just say three cheers for Gus who obviously knows when and how to have the last word. I can just imagine his chest pufffed out and his tail standing tall as the three of you walked away from the fracas.

  4. You were doing the right thing--walking your dogs on leashes! And if you were pissed and laid into her a bit she would have deserved it.

    She better have PROFUSELY apologized, checked in on you guys today and let you know that she's getting a dog trainer for that dog and that it will NEVER happen again.

    I love dogs, but I must admit I've thought about what I'd do in a similar scenario. A lot of people just don't know that dogs need training, exercise and to keep their minds occupied.

    I'm glad to hear little Cotton is okay and isn't too traumatized and I hope the same can be said for you!

  5. Having lost two beloved dogs to attacks by other dogs, I know that it's very hard to cope with it.
    I know it left me shaken and scared.
    That I was furious and bereft. But I also know that some people treat there dogs with indifference and cruelty, and A dog raised that way is quite mad.
    I don't know what i would have done, but I am so VERY VERY thankful that you are all alright!



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