Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The First Nephew

Meet the First Nephew. He was kind enough to stop playing long enough to pose at the park on Mother's Day weekend - and he smiled for me. He's wearing his cap with the official US Army pins I got him. And in front (the bar one) is from WWII, part of the Japan campaign, I think. {Aunt Molly shamelessly tries to find cool stuff.} And if you ask him what he wants to be, he's said "Army Man" for years now. He has a posse: Eli, Audrey and Metz.

Okay - so the photo is dressed up from the day 2 lesson from the Jessica Sprague class. We received complimentary House of 3 frames, stamps and word art - they are my current favs! The border on the photo, the ornate frame around the word celebrate, the word celebrate - all are House of 3 and came with the class. Great, yes?

And, look at the color of the frame around the word celebrate. Did you notice that it's the same blue as the blue in the T-shirt on the First Nephew? And the word celebrate is the color of the rail he's leaning on? Yep, learned how to do that in lesson # 2 using the color picker.

I love it when I finally start getting it.


  1. That is just too cool! I love creating with is almost as fun as playing with fabric.



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