Monday, July 20, 2009

Sampler - Photowalk 2009

Link to all my Photowalk photos:

If you see any you like, or you have suggestions to make one better (next time), please leave a comment.


  1. Love that one on the railroad tracks! What a great idea too!! I love the idea of a photo walk ... hmmm ... you just might be onto something here giving SSG and idea of something to do this weekend.

  2. Your work is really making a turn, not that it wasn't wonderful before...but there is something speaking to me that says growing and evolution. There is a depth in these I too...want to go on a photowalk.

  3. What a fun little slideshow. You took some fantastic pictures. I like the blue bench but I can't really tell you why. Also the twisted up flag and the rusted Chevy.

    Blue Ridge, GA is the kind of place I think I'd like to live. It recalls for me a kinder, gentler, easier time. How long has it been since I've seen a Rexall drug store, not Walgreens on every corner? I saw a lot of rusty old stuff in your pictures but also lots of color.

    I'd love to see the little one's photos. He's so intense!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really like your pics from the photowalk. Like your chicken ones especially (I like chickens). Also the ones I'm seeing today. Mama

  5. I love all of them! The railroad tracks shot is my favorite. I like perspectives that are different then we would see without a camera. They're all great.



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