Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pick One Already

Part of the photo walk was to submit two best images. We will set aside the fact that I haven't figured out how yet.

The tail light is one I like.

And I love this one because it's my best friend since age 7 or so and her 8 year old. For two hours he snapped pictures with us and we all had fun.

I conducted an informal poll yesterday at work, and this one won. Which surprised me. So I guess I would submit this one.

And I will submit this one because I love it. It looks all b&w, but if you look closely, there are some bits of wood that are brown. I didn't have to do anything much to it except crop it a bit.

In other news, the squirrels and some sort of minuscule black dot looking bug have attacked the tomatoes, the eggplant is going great guns, the jalapeno is covered in peppers but the pimento has yet to cough one up, and there are several grape tomatoes turning red so that if the @#$% squirrels don't recognize them for tomatoes, I will be able to eat them tonight.

And in our lifetime section, today is my sister in law's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Carrie! I bet you thought I forgot, but I didn't!! If you were here I'd take you to a crab legs dinner. Have a great day.


  1. What time should I be there? JK.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really like the pictures you have picked out. The photowalk was a great idea!

  2. Each of the pictures you picked were on my short list! I LOVe the picture of the boy and his mom walking down the street. This may be weird, but I am especially fond of back pictures. You see people from behind instead of with a cheese smile. Sometimes this view says a lot more than the other way. Also, I noticed the brown rock immediately when I was scrolling through the gallery yesterday - wondered if that was Photoshop or not.

    You really have a great photographic eye. I love how you find all sorts of reasons to take pictures. Personally I think, "You Rock" in every color!

  3. I love the tail light photo. The cropping is perfect.

  4. am loving the tail light Too!
    ( and happy B-day to Carrie TOO!)

  5. I love ALL of your pictures!

    Happy Birthday Carrie!

  6. Thank You Molly and Molly's blog friends! I was serenaded several times by my sweet girl so it had to be a happy day! ;)



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