Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Tricks

I'm taking an online class from the Jessica Sprague website. While you can't sign up for this one, there are some free classes available so that you can find out what she's about. I highly recommend her - I had her teach a class I took last year in Charlotte. [Don't have photoshop? or photoshop elements? Free trial version area available from Adobe that you can use to try a class.]

You may have seen this once or twice before since I took it last year, but isn't it fun with the border and word art? And I finally know how to resize for the web.

This is a shed that, at one time or another, all my siblings and cousins peeked in. It's fun to see it starting over with my niece!


  1. That is just the cutest photo ever. I really love it.

  2. She is TOO PRECIOUS! Is that a rule in the South you all have to be super cute? I think so.

  3. WHEN do you have time for this? I would love to do an online class, but WHEN, WHEN, I ask you?!

  4. LotS - you are so very kind. And it's one of my all time favorites too. especially in black and white.

    SSG - thank you!

    Cycle Mom - bite sized classes. trust me.



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