Thursday, July 16, 2009

Personal Trainer

At 5:30 pm this afternoon the only thing between me and home was a visit with my personal trainer. I signed up in a fit of mid-year resolution when the health club in our building opened.

Idly, I wondered who that crazy lady was and if I could smack her.

But I went to the personal trainer. Only 6 more weeks of my package is left. Budgeting and planning season is upon me. I decided to manage expectations.

"We are entering the part of the year that I put in a lot of time at work."

"We're doing overhead flies today. Start with 30 lbs. And 15 repetitions. Super set."

"You know, like Tuesday, things come up late in the day. Last minute."

"Goodgood. Now, we're doing underhand rows. Underhand. Underhand."

"I'll probably miss a lot in the next few weeks."

"Donkey kicks. 15 on each side. Three sets."

"Maybe I should skip a few weeks and then pick back up."

"'Excellent work. See you next Tuesday."


  1. Personal trainer - two words would that send me running in the opposite direction, most likely to the vicinity of anything that says Haagen Das on the outside!

  2. Don't you just want to punch them in the face?

    Oh that must just be SSG.

    (FiShER sez hai 2 gus)

  3. ROFL at the name of the carryout across the street from the cemetery :O) Your depth of field is perrrfect!



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