Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blue Ridge Photowalk

I had a great time at the photo walk. Which is not to say every photo I took was glorious. But, C and I took her son CBT who is 8, and that was fun to watch. I haven't seen his photos yet, but I'm thinking many of them are better than mine :)

There are about 150 photos from yesterday, so over the next week or so I will be sharing them as I "post process" them.

One funny story, though: we were just about done and time was just about out. CBT had gone to the train track to get a shot of something. C & I were both hearing chickens. But we couldn't imagine where. Well. Under the trees that made an L shape around a building or two right on the park in central Blue Ridge. We were all energized and the chase to get a chicken picture was on.

Yellow legs here was much more curious than her flibbertigibbet harem leader. He ran and hid and led us on a merry chase.

Still, it was a fun way to end the day - my memory card filled up and I hadn't brought a back up.

Hope you had a fun Saturday, too!


  1. I had not heard of the Photo Walk before but will look forward to it next year. Can't wait to see the sights you captured.

  2. That sounds like fun. Can't wait to see the other photos.



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