Thursday, May 7, 2009


This window box is full of plants that were added last year. They made it through a relatively cold winter with no help from me, and all I did this year was clean it out and cut a few things back. And now it's going strong again.

It is in front of the window at my computer desk, where I peer out at the world.

Yesterday, I was reading a favorite blog and felt kind of bad about a twitter comment the author posted. I asked a question in the comments to her blog and she responded and I responded and here we are. I hope my last response is taken in jest, as I intended and I'm not linking to the whole episode because I do not want to appear to be critical.

This whole exchange has been interesting to me in two ways: my reaction to a comment and the reaction to my questioning the comment (my questioning the comment certainly suggests my reaction but I tried to keep it neutral).

So what have I learned from this?

Like email, blog comments are subject to the reader's interpretation. But maybe that's true of all printed material.

Maybe that's why the written word is so powerful. It provokes a reaction in the reader that the author may or may not have intended or envisioned.

At any rate, this whole thing has been food for thought.

And that's a good thing.


  1. Show off!!!!!


  2. Comments can get really ugly. Some of the theological blogs have the nastiest commentors ever. I guess that's just what happens when you throw your opinions out there.

  3. I once wrote" Sometimes Blogging frustrates me, I can not see the light of understanding in your eyes, I can not send my caring in a gentle touch. I never know if you hear the meaning of the words i choose" and that it is the down side to an impersonal world.

  4. Sigh.....

    Not that what you write has anything to do with me, but it makes me think of this.

    I'm so aware that my comments are quick, short, in & out little diddies. I often worry what that leaves you to think.

    For the record, not a lot of time but love reading or I wouldn't be here and I leave short little comments because I want you to know I'm here and that you're valued.

    I'm just sayin'- for the record - between you and I. =)

    Oh, I bought your Justin boots the other day. I won't wear them as cool as you undoubtedly do. I just needed a pair to wear to the barn and to the horse shows so that I quit messing up my other shoes. Now we're both kinda' cool. Old in Meredith and Valerie's eyes....but cool just the same.





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