Friday, May 15, 2009


So, remember the chairs I bought at a thrift store in December for a ridiculously low price? Well, I was all set to have them covered in a natural linen and piped in black.



I hemmed. I hawed. I couldn't commit. It was a sign, I decided, that the plan had a flaw.

Still, in the months that I have weighed my options, flipped through magazines and read countless decor blogs, nothing more appealing presented itself.

So, today I took myself and the chairs to the little upholstery place that was near where my best friend once lived. They covered a chair for me some time back, and did great work for a reasonable price.

I quickly found a linen fabric, for a reasonable price - $17.95. First hitch? There were only 8 yards, only enough for one chair. Other linens that could be ordered were more costly and the colors weren't just right, as the one in the store was.

There was this check, a gingham really, that I had noticed. Here it is with a swatch that will be the piping:


And here's one of the chairs:


The only decision left is whether to paint the legs a french grey or taupe or leave them as they are, a little dinged, and suggesting character.

They are supposed to be ready May 27.

I'm holding my breath 'til then.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome selection!!! They will look amazing!

    Au natural legs....I am a purist.



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