Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red Probe

A mysterious red probe (tentacle?fungus?bladder?) has emerged from the vicinity of the roots of the huechera and the creeping jenny.

Things that ran through my mind: do I dare touch it? eeewwww, when I nudge it with the house key it's jiggly. i'm not touching it. are there alien life forms living under my creeping jenny? is this a horticultural phenomenon? a garden manifestation of the swine, I mean H1N1, flu? one thing I do know, it's blog fodder!!


A cursory google of descriptive words and images has resulting in things I will not repeat in a G rated blog, or for that matter, in an R rated blog.

Question for you, bloggy friends: based on the image above, how would you have googled it? [remember, my mother reads this blog]

And, I guess, WHAT IS IT?


  1. I would definitely NOT touch it.

  2. That's just gross! Just wait until my boys come back and I'm sure they would be happy to disect it for you.

  3. maybe a carrot dropped by one of those stray hares?

  4. Sent your question out to a friend in WI who has way more knowledge than I. Good Luck. Looks like a carrot from here, but as I said, passed on to a friend with knowledge.


  5. Hi! I'm Traci's friend. Your garden wonder looks like some kind of fungus. I've never seen one like it and if you want to know more about it, you could try to take it to your county extension. If you just want to get rid of it, carefully remove it, try to get all of it, including any kind of air root. Check if it is attached to any plant or there are any smaller ones in the soil around where the main piece is. You might also scrape up a bit of the dirt nearby. Put it in a plastic bag and put it in the garbage. Don't throw it is a compost or mulch pile. If you see anything like it again, you should probably find out what it is and treat the plants or the area.

    Good luck!



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