Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridge Night


What does a slow cooker have to do with bridge night?

Everything. It's my night to hostess, and I'm making slow cooker pulled pork and KFC slaw in honor of Memorial Day.

It's the easiest pulled pork ever: 5lb Boston butt or shoulder roast + beef broth 14 oz+ 1/4 c brewed coffee + 4-6 hours on low = yummy.

And KFC slaw is my favorite so when I found the recipe on-line (I love you Internet), I was delighted. And it lived up to it's billing. Just google K.F.C. Slaw...

Plus, if everyone's full and sleepy, it may just seem like I play well!


  1. OK -- I should get credit for being the hand model!!!


  2. I gotta ask. Coffee in pulled pork?

    Last time I played bridge seems like all we got was nuts and mints. Times have changed!

  3. Forgot to mention that I am crazy about the flowers in the last post. Those colors are amazing!

    Coffee? Seriously? Hmmmm.....

    Love pulled pork and cole slaw. I'll have to try it.



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