Sunday, May 31, 2009

Show and Tell: Wing Chairs

Back in December, I found these at a thrift store. Many times in Country Home, Country Living, Cottage Living, etc., I read how someone found chairs with great bones for very little, and had them recovered, and voila!, fabulous chairs. Now here I was with a pair of great chairs for very little. I finally settled on how I wanted the room to look, and took them to the upholsterer two weeks ago.


_MG_2220 _MG_2223

Fabric selection:


Drum roll, last, the chairs!





(no you aren't tipsy, the table is - but I've finally found a fix for that and will work on that next)

They are so crisp and fresh, I think.

The next thing I can obsess over will be what pillows to put in them. I've been thinking of a coral for summertime...


  1. Oh wow! Awesome. Great bones. Great fabric.

  2. Very cute! I can't wait to see them in person.

  3. these look beautiful!
    and i voting for Sage green throw pillows!!!~

  4. I love the chairs but I heard re-upholstering was really expensive.
    Can you tell me what you paid? Its ok if not, I have some chairs I'd like to get done and I was just wondering...

  5. Mouth-wateringly delishish!!! I just LOVE them! I know you must be so happy with how the vision turned out.

  6. They are great! Now let me ask you (not specific but generally speaking) does the cost of recovering equal the same as buying new? I guess that's what I've always assumed. How far off am I? Not how far off in numbers, but am I WAY off, or a LITTLE off?

    Does any of that make any sense at all?

    They're beautiful!

  7. Oh and P.S. SSG just saw your comment over at Suz' site. SSG will introduce you to lemon drops if she can snuggle into one of those chairs while drinking one too. What time should she and Fisher be over?

    (P.S. Make sure when you order a lemon drop that you get it with Grey Goose vodka. Or at least lie to SSG and tell her you did.)

  8. I think they're super! I love the fabric - is it a type of seersucker, the crinkle effect? They're really great. Enjoy.

  9. You can't buy a new chair as well built as an old one unless you really throw a ton of money at one. Good post, I like your blog! I Play Scrabble too... My wife got me the Super Deluxe set recently with 200 tiles and quadruple letter and word spaces. Takes twice as long to play. Fun!



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