Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lush Life


There's a store called Lush Life here in Atlanta. It is an apropos title for this post, because my yard is lush right now. All the rain we've gotten is really making a difference. If fact it sounds like it's raining as I type. Above the day lilies line the sidewalk and are just in front of the Fairy Rose.

You can see my neighbor's house in the background.


This is my mailbox, and I am really liking it. Yes, that's basil and rosemary you see planted in the gap in the dianthus. Of course there's the royal purple clematis climbing the mailbox, and stella d'oro day lilies from the other side of the walk on the other side. And the Brazilian verbena are the tall slender spikes capped with tiny purple flowers.


And the surprise for me was that I had hydrangea blooming. I love these flowers.


The huechera at the base of the pine is enormous and blooming. And just to the right, out of sight, the Japanese painted fern has returned from the dead. Seriously, it dried to a crisp last summer and I thought that was the end. It is peeping through the pine straw in two places tonight.


But the real star tonight is the Fairy Rose. Hundreds of little pink blooms are blooming across most of my yard. They are beautiful. Below is the panorama I made to show you a complete picture that includes everything above.

fairy rose explosion

The bright green in the curve is thyme. Creeping thyme to be exact, and yes I have cut some to cook with. And do you see all the Fairy Rose blooms? And there are lots of baby plants under the bigger ones.

That's monkey grass around the base of the pine, and the bush just to the right of the pine is a butterfly bush.

There is a bell pepper plant in there you can't quite make out, and three tomato plants are behind the day lilies in the front (nearer the car). When you have as little sun as this yard, you make use of every ray. One of the tomatoes is named Mortgage Lifter, and it originated during the Great Depression when it was named. I love the name!

Hope you've enjoyed the yard tour as much as I've enjoyed sharing it.


  1. Wow, to have that much sun..
    The roses are a pure delight! I loved the close ups!
    Your yard looks like it came right out of a Thomas Kincade painting!
    ( he is a Georgian isn't he? a neighbor perhaps?)

  2. I can believe that some one would want to sit and paint your yard!! It is fabulous! I hope that your elderly painter is okay...
    If your company is still there, maybe you should get some water washable paints, some paper, and brushes, and sit them outside in the grass to paint! Wouldn't your neighbors really LOVe you then! LOL!!!

  3. It's like living in a botanical wonderland. Do you take care of it all by yourself? An afternoon of planting and replanting and I'm too sore to move. Where is the gardener when I need him?

    I'm truly in love with your yard.

  4. It's as beautiful as you! I love it...especially the fairy roses.

  5. It is always nice to see what we will be having here in another month or six weeks. Lilacs, azaleas and late tulips are blooming here right now - the earliest irises are next. I love the way the roses just ramble along!



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