Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feathers and Twigs


Cindy brought me flowers when she came to bridge last night...


I love the colors! (and I got good cards last night, so I had fun)


Went on a field trip to Feathers and Twigs in Carrollton...LOVED IT! Above are vanity lights. I kept calling them boudoir lights, I think I'll go with that. Anyway, aren't they great? Yes. And the cherubs in the lower left corner...they are fetching.


Then there was this guy. I really liked it and thought about getting it. See the "coasters"? But since I haven't fully decided how I want my porch to be, and there's limited space, I passed. The good news?

It now lives at Cindy's house. I can visit whenever I want.

Oh, there were lots and lots of great things. So great in fact, I forgot I was carrying a camera.

I will be going back.


  1. I hate it when that happens...I forget I have my camera with me on a daily basis.

  2. Is that an ashtray with coasters?



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