Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Watch ATL 2009 - Noon

At 9:40, the sleet began.

At 10:43, the NBC station reported snow on the decks in Meriwether County. Here - just water, even the sleet stopped.

Around 11:40, the rain drops started getting really fat looking.

Not sure if you can see the now mixed with rain. But it's there.

And just before noon, the snow flurries started.

Snow is starting to accumulate...

...and the fur beasties and I headed out for a walk in the SNOW!!
More updates later this afternoon.


  1. I was looking at the GDOT webcams..yes, I am that much of a weather geek and it is looking pretty sizeable down there for you all!!!

    Please, dear God, send it my way!!

    I linked back to you in my post today.

    Getting fat rain here now.

  2. Oh, the blessings of being slightly north of you. Lots of sticking snow and lots of big, huge flakes. The boys are about to go out for their second outing of the day.

    It is so pretty. NOT that I want to have this very often.



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