Sunday, March 22, 2009


Back in February, I shared this picture with you - I took it because of the neon and white lights. I thought they were lovely. Well, actually, I shared a version that I had straightened up. Apparently in the great conversion to the external hard drive, I deleted that jpeg version and I only have the version below which lists to starboard.

Friday, the weather was so sunny and sky so blue, we went out for lunch. I angled for something near the store from where I buy the dog's kibble - I know, always thinking. Anyway, one of us had been here and suggested it. Perfect.

This is the interior - light, fresh and soon to have a large patio opened beyond that dark gold wall on the right. The food was so tempting I ordered a curry lunch special and a sushi roll. I was not the only one.
Tried any new restaurants lately?


  1. I miss cool restaurants like that...we haven't been to any new ones lately, but there will be some good food cooking at Chez Spit, that sounds so unappetizing...

    Making tapas tonight! So excited.

  2. I am not good at trying new restaurants. But let's get serious.....I live 20 miles north of Dayton, OH. What is there to try?

    I remember well my days of living in Philly and Northern Virginia. Life was different then. Very different.

    Don't is good. Real good, but I would have answered your question differently if I were still in VA or Philly.

    Have a good day!

  3. I'm guessing a new McDonalds or Chik Fil A counts does it? Even when I travel I even don't really eat dinner or go to dinner with Scott and we go to the same places. BORING.

  4. I just found THE BEST PIZZA in Portland. It's the closest thing to the big, thin slices I get when I'm in New York. Fresh mozzarella, plenty of tomatoes and basil. Best part is, the slices are only $3. I've been going there for lunch ... um ... A LOT over the past few weeks!



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