Friday, March 6, 2009

Writer MEME

Okay, I am picky about memes. But CDW did one on the 25 writers that most inspire your writing and although I don't write,

I love it and grammar and syntax and punctuation so much that although I have a double major in computer science and accounting, I was an English tutor for one whole year of college. Just don't get me started on the correct use of I and me. I may have to hurt you.

So, reaching far back in the mists of time (childhood) all the way to the present (never you mind), here are my favorite 25 authors.

1. Beverly Cleary. The Ramona Quimby books. Ramona made me look guuud.

2. Walter Farley. The Black Stallion books.

3. Harper Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird. She is amazing.

4. Caroline Keene (et al). Nancy Drew. Made me ready to love Agatha Christie.

5. Agatha Christie. Hercule-stinkin'-Poirot. Miss Jane Marple. Can you say "dream team"?

6. Diana Gabaldon. Outlander. Everyone's favorite Scot.

7. Leo Leoni. Swimmy. the first book I really remember. was it the story? was it the art? who cares?

8. Caroline Hart. Death on Demand series. The Christie Caper is da bomb.

9. Orson Scott Card. Ender's Game. oh my. goodness. oh my. must read.

10. Tom Clancy. oh yes I did. Hunt for Red October was my favorite.

11. Jane Austen. didn't read her until I purposed to read the literature I missed. Loved her!! Don't ask how I missed her in school. I have no explanation.

12. Elizabeth Peters. Amelia Peabody Emerson, my heroine. Became an Egyptologist, solves mysteries and always goes prepared. It's guhr-rate!

13. David McCullough. Path Between the Seas, John Adams, Mornings on Horseback. may be time to read some more of him.

14. Lee Child. I love seeing what else this off the grid ex-military cop Jack Reacher can get into and out of. what can I say? I love underdogs, action and adventure.

15. Kathleen Norris. Amazing Grace. essays on faith. Different, but I liked her.

16. Marguerite Henry. Misty of Chincoteague. love horses and ponies. can't help it.

Whee, I'm in the home stretch, the downhill slope now. Just watch me go.

17. Louis L'Amour. didn't see that coming did you? Riders of the Purple Sage. yep. My grandfather had all his books and I read them too.

18. J.R.R. Tolkien. I have all of Middle Earth in my imagination. It's glorious.

19. William Goldman. The Princess Bride. I mean, really. Haven't you read this?

20. Daphne Du Maurier. Rebecca. ah, Manderley.

21. Charles Dickens. A Tale of Two Cities. yes, really.

22. Evelyn Waugh. Brideshead Revisited.

23. Lewis Carroll. It's not what you think. The Jabberwocky. Twas brillig and the slithy troves...

24. John Knowles. A Separate Peace. poignant. tragic. perfect for angst ridden teenagers.

25. Larry McMurtry. Lonesome Dove.

Dang. Out of numbers. I also like Bill Bryson, and the guy who wrote Hedda Gabler. I have carried Hedda Gabler with me from freshman literature. I never saw it coming. I don't know if I loved the play or not, but it's stayed with me. Oh and CS Lewis. And Margaret Mitchell.
Stopping now. But consider yourself tagged if you like. leave a link the comments and come back to see lists of great writers and find some new reads!


  1. I love CS Lewis too - his Chronicles but struggle with the 'hard stuff'. Shoulda thought of Beverly Cleary. Yay Ramona!

  2. We definitely have some similar traits in our love of literature...I am tagged and will post tomorrow!

    Great Meme! I loved how you did a little epose' after each listing. I now feel the need to go to B & N!!! Remembering they also have Starbucks AND Cheesecake Factory!!

  3. I'm not even sure what a meme is or how to pronounce it. Who cares? This is a great list. I'm so glad to know I am not the only Nancy Drew fan in the world. Girl Sleuth - wonder what she's doing now, in her middle age. Did she ever grow up?

    I won't make any promises but I feel a little touch on my shoulder so many I am tagged. I've got to get past tomorrow... International Women's Day Blog Party (shameless advertisement I know!). Please consider yourself and your followers invited.

  4. Bill Bryson rocks! Great list!

  5. I LOVE your list! Did you know Beverly Cleary grew up in Portland? I wrote an article a year or so ago about some of the local sights that she wrote about. And there is even a Kickitat Street! I got chills when I happened upon it.

    I'll try and find the link to the article and send it your way. : )

  6. I love that you remember Swimmy! We lived in Anniston and I checked it out of the library there several times and may've finally bought the book, don't exactly remember. I loved the story and the artwork bigtime.

    I also love the rest of your favorite books. But I take issue on your statement that McMurtry wrote Riders of the Purple Sage. I think it was Zane Grey. Love, Mama



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