Monday, March 30, 2009

Alien Invasion?

These utterly alien things are right by my front doorstep, raising their heads to the mothership.
The seem to reach higher as you watch them.

You can see the stubble where valiant Tim (the landscaper) cut them down last year.

Undeterred, they rise from the earth.

And suddenly, they begin to look less science fiction, more organic.

Until they start to look soft and airy instead of hairy and other.

And they have rosy light pink tips at the end of each frond. Is anything in science fiction pink?

Maybe these aren't aliens after all.

I think...can it be?

Maybe-wait-yes! They're cinnamon ferns.
Note: I had to lay down across my front steps in full sight of the neighbors to take these shots. If that's not dedication to my art, I don't know what is. I think I heard mumbling about "calling the authorities" if they see that again...


  1. Keep the photos of nature and SUN coming, they're what's keeping SSG going : )

  2. This is beautiful! I love it. Isn't it amazing how they grow. And about the lying down on your front step-YAY! You're an artist!

  3. We do appreciate all you go through for our sake and about the is always fun to gie them something to talk about.

  4. Molly . . . these are terrific !! I've always been amazed at the ways ferns "unfold."


  5. I love fiddle heads,
    None here yet, but this gives such hope!
    even if the neighbors think your crackers!

  6. I was taking pictures at a friend's house on Saturday. I was laying on the floor when someone yelled, "Traci, come here, you have to see this!"

    Give me a break! I can't come quickly when I'm laying on the floor with camera equipment all over me!

    Some people simply don't appreciate the arts. Tell your neighbors to get over it. ;)


  7. What a fun set of pictures. I have to ask because I have no concept of how long it takes to grow a fern. Was this time lapsed photography? Did you lay on the ground for days on end for your art? Or were you able to take all the pictures at one time. Either way, I think it is quite spectacular.

  8. There were enough groups of ferns in the yard that I had examples of all stages of development - no time lapse here. Just lying on the cold stone horrifying the neighbors - I'm sure they could see me lying there but not make out the camera in my hands!



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