Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drive by Shots

This is a house that I have loved since shopping for my home in 2005. It seems sort of Hollywood-ish to me with the "walled" front yard. Sometimes I think of doing that with my front yard which would make it another room, and that's appealing for a small house.
This house has the best front yard to me. A jumble of growth and ornaments - see the blue vase? This is one that does wonderful Christmas lights too.

Just giving you a break from flowers and dogs. I took these to talk about with Tim the yard guy. He dreads Spring, because that's when I have my ideas. Most gardeners have ideas in the winter when they can plan, and get the infrastructure done.

That's me, right on time as usual.


  1. Cute house...very country english manor house ish!

    What wonderful stories could I write from there.

  2. I love your flowers and dogs! But I LOVE houses. And GAH now I want to move to your neighborhood again.

    Just please tell me over and over again that it's hot and humid and would make SSG melt.



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