Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is a view of the Arno - I took it when I was on a wonderful vacation in Italy. We were in Florence and I was captivated. I had finally gotten into the swing of being in a foreign place.

This week has been a bit challenging, more so because I have a case of wanderlust and keep wishing I could go back and "finish" my vacation in Italy. There's so much to experience there, I feel like I left before I could get to everything. And for some reason, I keep getting travel related emails: VRBO, Delta, Airtran. And today, a blog I follow written by an expat American living in Florence just really pushed the travel button.

Where do you wish you were?


  1. That is my ONE place to visit before I die and if I die before I do, then I want my ashes to be sprinkled somewhere in northern Italy.

  2. today, because it's cold and it's raining, I wish I was in the florida keys, with my feet in the sand, the sun in my face, and the surf making wonderful music for my ears.
    just today.

  3. And I am collapsing into a pile of tears and wanderlust AGAIN.

    The B&B where we stayed in Provence linked to me on their new website and every time I see someone come to my site from there I just want to hop on a plane and set up shop in Gourdes.

    I'm sure they wouldn't mind.



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