Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Annual Birthday Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Last week, C and I loaded up and drove about an hour north of her house to Dahlonega, Georgia. Dahlonega was the site of the first major gold rush in the U.S. I know this because there's a sign that proclaims this as you drive into town.
To make things a little more interesting, I made up a random list of photos we needed to get. Below are my efforts. I was struggling because I used my new camera, thinking that forcing myself to use it would help. Let's just say I need a lot more practice. A lot.

The Scavenger Hunt List:

1. Neon Sign (lit) - Check. Anyone know what Keno is, exactly? Other than a game of chance.

2. Clock Tower - Bust. What small town in the south doesn't have a clock tower on its square? Apparently Dahlonega.

3. Do What the Sign Says - Bust. What was I thinking putting this on the list?

4. Old Logo (I had in mind a Rock City painted barn) - Check. You can trust your car to the man who wears the star...

5. Picture of someone in uniform. Work with me folks!

6. Capture your reflection in an unusual place. If you look closely, you will see my toes at about her eye level. Besides, I liked the sentiment of this sign.

7. Historic Statue - Check. Sort of. Again, what small town doesn't have a statue? So I offer the Lumpkin County Courthouse, now the Gold Museum.

8. Unusual Perspective - Here it is folks: the view of the sky from the visitor's center ladies' room. I was trying to work out kinks with the new camera. Tough things like how to turn it on. And how to focus. I know you're thinking "didn't she read the book?".

9. Something from a prom. Think 80's prom. And you just know these earrings went with a long formal. Probably with a bow. I am cringing as I picture my prom. Bows abounded. So did ruffles.

10. A Wheelbarrow. It is small town America, for Pete's sake. No wheelbarrow.

11. A 50s or 60s lampshade. C swears this had to be from that era because it matched her mom's wedding china.

12. Fruit or Vegetable Stand. Two things. One, we were pooped and took our snaps from inside the car on the way home. And I used PW's soft and faded action on it because I was getting itchy to use my new Photoshop. And no I haven't read the book on that one yet either.

13. Your waitress. Too busy eating southern food served family style at The Smith House. Had a lovely political discussion with the stranger who was seated with us. I believe I remembered that as we were walking out.

14. Local color. This is my favorite because of the broken piece.

15. A Tacky Souvenir. It was a bumper crop!

Extra Credit: A scene from a movie. Okay, I titled this one A River Runs Through It.

My efforts were hardly high art, but I had fun trying. And spending a day away from the office was just what the doctor ordered. It's too rare that we make time to do something like that.
I'm glad we did!


  1. Love all your photos...you really should take Nine Miles, 20 Miles North of Nowhere's on line photography class...she can help you feel more comfortable with your new baby...practice makes perfect.

    Glad you have a nice day off.

  2. Book,schmook. Who needs instructions? Your photos are great.

    The Scavenger Hunt is a great idea and I'm wondering where it was when traveling with kids. Sounds like a lot more fun than street sign Bingo.

  3. Love the idea of a photo scavenger hunt. You had some fun things on the list to photograph. Nicely done. What kind of camera did you splurge on? I'm making a list of what I want... renting some glass this week to help decide.

  4. Well, I read reviews, drooled over the new Canon (way beyond me in more ways than one) and settled on a Canon 40D. I also bought a battery grip for my Rebel, and it helps so much with the balance. Now: practice, practice, practice!

  5. I love days like this! Going where the wind takes you, but also with a little bit of a purpose to keep it from being too aimless.

    And GOOD LAWD, I am moving. All of you guys live in places where the sun shines.

  6. Congrats on the new camera! When I upgraded a year ago-I was completely overwhelmed. I set the camera down and steered clear of it for a quite awhile. It was not until September of last year that I really started understanding it all. Looks like a great trip that you and your BFF had!

  7. No fair!! You beat me to the post. I haven't even downloaded them, yet. Alas, I will get to them...this weekend, I promise. And, ladies, I even have a few of bffM in mine :)

    And her list....I am not sure what she was thinking...she left a few things off. But it was a great day - one I thoroughly enjoyed for sure.



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