Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool Hand...Cotton?

Cotton is able to get out of the fenced backyard. It is not clear to me how or where, exactly. So I am on a self imposed "must supervise every outing to the backyard". If not, there is a minimum 30 minute round up, coupled with fear and worry and all the swear words I learned as a young CPA.

The first time I walked out the back door with both dogs after yesterday's escape, Girlfriend here stopped, looked at me, and I swear if she could speak she would have said "really?".



  1. That reminds me of Sophie. She could flatten herself out and slide through the tiniest cracks. I finally set up a video camera to catch her in the act. Of course, as soon as we fixed that spot she found another one!

    I hope Cotton learns that she's much better off at home soon!

  2. They are smart. I'm thinking hidden cam....

  3. So she's an escape artist. Yes, a camera - or do you want to lurk around your back yard in hopes of catching her going out? Mama

  4. Awwww baby, she's SOOO cute! She can come live here with me and Fisher--it'd be like Doggy Boot Camp!

  5. That is just too funny...any cahnce on video of my babies. They both make me smile so much!

    Cotton Hodini



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