Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ancient Chinese Art of Yaw Ning

Of course, there's no sound and it's only 16 seconds long, but I've made a video and uploaded it! Sadly, the perfect sound effect I found was not in my budget. But this experience gives me ideas...

Whee! something new and off the beaten track.


  1. You did a really great job!!! I wouldn't even know where to start.

    You will be an awesome videographer.

  2. Look at you go! SSG still has trouble with her point and shoot camera, let alone capturing any ancient Chinese secrets! I love those puppies!

  3. YOU crack me up. We stay on the same wavelength. I have a video of CBT sitting beside my computer - it's been there for a couple of weeks. Just been too busy to stop and try to upload it, but it's coming.

    This will inspire me.



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