Monday, February 9, 2009

Moon Shot

This is the photo I wanted to take tonight on the way home when I saw a big fat orange moon rising over Ponce de Leon on my way to pick up the Golden Ones.

Only, the traffic lights were in the way.

Traffic kept moving. And...

I didn't have my camera.

But it did look very much like this. If by this that means no traffic lights, street lights, neon signs and head/tail lights.

And if I'd had my camera.


  1. IT was a very beautiful moon. My was crystal white though.

  2. We saw the moon and talked about it - we talked about the designs in the moon. I love, love, love full moons....thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how I detest not having my friend, my side kick, my camera when I need it.

    Love the moon here as well. We call it China Moon and ask it to say hello to Jade's homeland and all of our friends in China as it makes its daily trip over China.

    I find it so cool that somewhere in that far off land Jaden's birth mother and father look up at the same moon. I wonder if they think of the girl they had to give up. Hmmmm...

    The moon makes me feel peaceful and connected in some strange way.

    Sorry for stealing your post. Thanks for listening.

  4. I had my camera. All I got was a tiny white dot surrounded by the neon flash of traffic light. And that was with my zoom lens!



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