Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Odds and Ends

Here are some things that I wondered this weekend:

Can anyone tell me why this dog wants to lay half on/half off a nice soft, warm dog bed in cold weather?

Did you know that to buy Gen-U-Wine Deruta, Italy pottery, one should go to a suburban antique/thrift store in Decatur, Georgia?

Did anyone expect that the light fixture they removed during an update of their old house would be sold as Art Deco glass years down the road?

Did anyone know that sometimes going to the other Whole Foods on the way home from your weekend outing will nearly get you killed in the parking lot even if it saves gas?

Does anyone else pass this view of the skyline and think about how to take a picture of it that does it justice?


  1. I ponder life's questions all the time. I sleep all covered up but my feet have to be free and usually off the bed, to the side. Your puppy and I are kindred spirits.

    Hope your Tuesday is better than yesterday...is it Friday yet?

  2. Ok...did you BUY the Deruta pottery????? It looks like it came from Aldo's shop!!!!


  3. To answer your first question, it's because the bitch's ass is hot.

    HAHAHA ... see what SSG just did there? And that's probably Gus in the photo, but whatever.

    I love city skylines too! Tonight I watched the sun set on Mt. Hood as I was driving home--somehow my cell phone camera just couldn't do it justice. Sigh ... someday I'll get myself a mac daddy camera.



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