Saturday, February 7, 2009


A wonderful thing happened during this crazy week: Lightroom arrived on my doorstep! Yep, and thanks to Gretchen, I now can Lightroom with my pals.

Feels like I'm a real photographer! I can join Candi, Traci, Gretchen and all the other big girl photographers :) from my class last November.

Lightroom is a photography management tool, lets you keep up with all your photos and lets you do some photo editing...but maybe the best thing for me this very minute is that I can see my photos in Lightroom without having to run a converter on the camera raw files that are created by taking a picture. {purrrrr}


Now I just need to remember how it works...


  1. Time to add to your list of blogs to follow! Glad it finally arrived!

  2. Have no cue whatsoever about what you speak of, but I am super xcited that you are very happy. Your photograps are always amazing, so I will look forward to what you can do with this new program.

    I wanna have a big girl camera one day.

  3. killertips is the best - I didn't really visit it until recently (when Gretchen mentioned it in her blog). i now have it as a rss feed and I love it.

  4. Ooooooh, maybe this means mine will arrive soon too! Can't wait!

    I'm using LR 1 and have the trial version of LR 2 on my MAC but look forward to having the real deal.

    I love what it can do!

    I do highly recommend ording from They have great training that you can take for a month at a time for $19.95 or something like that.

    Worth it to know how to work the program fully.

    Take care!




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