Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Highlights from Westminster

Every year I watch Westminster. I watch to pull for the breed I own(ed).

Except this year. After noting that the dog show started Monday night I had an inner dialogue that went something like this:

ooh, it's already time for Westminster. I love that show.

what will I do? The Closer is on tomorrow night too.

Ah - I can watch Closer on demand later. Gotta watch Westminster.

Then I got home last night, and flipped the channels at length, fiddled around, made some supper, read while I ate and forgot all about Westminster AND The Closer.

Tell me, do you ever lose enough memory not to mind that you can't remember anything anymore?

So I remembered tonight but not in time to see the Golden Retrievers (that I own now), or German Shepherds (first two dogs owned me). It's all over for me. But I did put the TV on that channel, and heard that this little creature is from May-retta, Georgia. IS TOO SO how we say it down here. It's a suburb of HawtLanta (today it was 70ish).

This guy won the best of breed for Golden Retrievers, but came in second in the group. Sorry I missed it.

'Scuse me while I go see what my Golden is barking at AGAIN in the back yard. Possum or feral cat, you can never tell. Back now. When I called Gus and offered a cookie, he came bounding up the stone steps from the really dark back yard. When he got close enough for the light to hit, it was almost like I had my own show dog. Like below. With the serious case of red eye. Debbil Dawg.

Last but not least: the group winner for German Shepherd dog. My beloved first dog was a GSD. She was perfect. I miss her still. She looked a lot like this.

Westminster is always fun to watch. That is, if you remember you like to watch it.

May the best dog win!
Oldest dog ever wins Westminster! Stump the Sussexx Spaniel is 10. That's 70 for you and me!! Old age doesn't mean you can't win Westminster.


  1. I could never imagine watching Westminster in the past. But now that we do horse shows I can imagine watching. Sorry you missed it.

    Watch the memory thing...I've had some recent scares that make me wonder.


  2. I completely understand and agree with everything you said here!! I believe it is from being over worked.

    The winner of Best in Show is so cute. Phil said, Way to represent the Senior's!!!

    He grew yp showing sheltie's in Ohio.

  3. Memory - I keep thinking it's that we're trying to hold onto so many things. (Or, maybe Traci, I'm just in denial.) There was a really, really good article several years ago along those lines....I just can't remember where I put it. Of course.

  4. Okay, want to hear a recent memory scare? This is definitely going to be TMI, but here we go.

    Recently I went to a LR2 conference in KY. I was in the restroom and stood to pull my pants up. As I was standing I looked down and my underwear wasn't there! Dear God! I forgot to put on underwear?! And then I realized that I had ALREADY PULLED THEM UP!

    Go ahead and laugh...I sure did. But, even though it only lasted a couple moments, it scared me. How could I not realize that I had already pulled up my underwear?! ;)

    So, now you have it....my secrects out. I'm in early alzheimers and I'll be 45 tomorrow.
    At least it's recorded here as to when my memory lapses started.

    I like you girls!


  5. Well, I should have said old age doesn't mean you can't win at Westminster, but YOU MIGHT NOT REMEMBER IT!



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