Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Legend of Chat Noir

'Round these parts some folks tell a story of a wily black scamp named Chat Noir. 'At Chat Noir, he'd left a string of broken hearts all over, never bein' gentleman enough to hang around the next day.

The sheriff and his deputy had their fill of Chat Noir and always being too late to catch him as he slipped out a window, over a fence, under a branch...always one step ahead of th' law.

The Sheriff set his mind on buildin' a wall around the town to protect the wimmin-folk. Folks agreed Something Had to Be Done. Too many folks were losin' sleep listenin' to all that wailin' of a night.

So the town built the wall and charged the Sheriff and the Deputy to patrol it and keep them safe from Chat Noir.

Howdy, folks. I'm the Sheriff of Golden.

'Scuse me, I smell somethin'. Depiddy, you smell anything? You know we've got to keep the wimmin-folk and chirren safe...

Yep, I do, Sheriff. And I've told you time and again, it's 2009 - stop sayin' wimmin folk like you were in some border town out west.

It's him, Chat Noir. That blackguard! What nerve to show his face here!

I see him - put your heart in it Depiddy...BARK! An' I'll run the fenceline. We'll let Chat Noir know we don't need his kind around these parts.

Sheriff, I think he's gone.

All in a day's work, folks. Nothin to see here anymore, move along now. Town's safe.


  1. I spewed coffee on my monitor!!! I loved how you were writing with an accent because I actually started talking like that! Out Loud.

    Funny, funny post.

  2. Awwww, Fisher wishes she was there! She's little, but she packs a MEAN bark. Especially when it comes to cats that she doesn't know and raccoons that I swear flip her off from the tree outside.

    Yay on your last day of work this week! Did I miss that you're taking a vacay? Where are we going?! I want to come!

  3. That is the best! Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today.

    I am very impressed that you have the pink Justins. When we were in OK and Valerie looked at those boots her very-cool-27-year-old trainer called from across the store, "I have those boots, Valerie. They're great!" That was enough for Valerie and she wanted them. She did look at the camos but she doesn't like things that remotely reveal anything "boy" and quickly turned away from them. She takes cowGIRL very seriously. :)

    And if you're interested in horses that I'll have some posts for you this spring/summer. I haven't had a chance to shoot Valerie since I really learned how to use my camera. I hope I can pull off some great shots.

    Here's a post from her first show last July.




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