Friday, September 12, 2008


[Before I start let me say that you should all visit my brother's blog - yesterday's post about being a practicing attorney while studying for the seminary was downright funny.]

TGIF because I took the day off.

TGIF AND I took the day off because it's bridge night.

Because otherwise the ladies would have not been able to find the dining room table for all the junk that lands on it during any given week.

And the kitchen would be a middle school science experiment.

And Cotton would have created a puddle the size of a small pond on the bathroom floor due to her inability to keep the water in her mouth when she drinks. Well, that may still be true because a dog's gotta drink, right?

So with the day off, I am going grocery shopping, dropping the dogs at doggie daycare (alternately called wear 'em out please i am having guests), and then I shall cook.

Tonight's menu:

Guacamole with chips (i've never made it myself before. aren't guests good for experimenting? after all, they go home and you don't have to deal with the fall out)

Simple salad of romaine and grape tomatoes with homemade ranch dressing (homemade ranch dressing = YUM)

Southwestern Soup (i always lose the recipe and have to get it again from my sister in law, who is a saint for always giving it to me without pointing out my obvious shortcomings. i think maybe this time i've got it though because she sent it to my office email, which means it's now permanently part of the company's records and I can search for it) with maybe a yogurt/cucumber/cilatro relish on top

Corn sticks (canned from the cold case)

Pioneer Woman's apple dumplings (kid tested, mother approved, by my same sister in law above)

And for grins, I'm making myself some Fall Couscous that I used to be able to buy from Eatzi's before it closed. Then I had to conduct a no holds barred search for the recipe because it is my favorite. But that's another story.

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