Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nowhere better to be

Late one evening I was closing up and turning off, and I noticed this guy on my back door screen.

His camouflage wasn't doing him much good here on the back door screen. As I opened the door to go out to take his picture he turned and moved about, uncomfortable. When I went back in, he moved about, watching to be sure I meant no harm after blinding him with the flash. He was gone by the next morning, probably to one of the many trees in my backyard.

Seeing this reminded me that we are all made for something special and sometimes what that is--that purpose--is obvious like with leaf bug here, and sometimes it isn't. When we're outside that purpose, we are uncomfortable and awkward, and feel exposed.

But when we are doing the thing we are meant to do, there's nowhere better to be.

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