Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting my house in order

Sort of like spring cleaning it hit me. Not that Spring cleaning has ever done more than deal me a glancing blow.

Anyway, I have been on a "git 'er done" kick I sure hope there's nothing obscene about that phrase.

There was the final installation of the Bose 321.

Before that, the pressure washing of the house and deck why? one wonders, because it's outside and only going to get dirty immediately.

Before that, there was the dealing with the albatross other house.

And before that was the new roof on this house.

Yesterday was the servicing of the treadmill that I was afraid to plug in after the basement flooded shortly after I moved in. You see, I moved in and had the electricians in to provide a grounded plug just for the treadmill. Then the basement promptly flooded, in biblical proportions to boot. After I had the basement fixed, the drought started. It took several months to get the basement done. Not sure that the flood had done anything to the treadmill, I didn't plug it in. But now it's had it's check up and tune up and is ready to go.

Yesterday there was also the visit from the trusted contractor for the list:

fix the bathroom ceiling (hole)
awnings (cost effective) for the east/west windows because there is not enough roof overhand to fend off the rain which falls into the window sills even I know this is bad juju
paint the front door
touch up the woodwork where someone has nicked it all over the place I don't clean, it can't be me
stain/seal the deck

Still to be done, some requiring a visit from other folks:

Assemble storage shelf (another delayed project courtesy of the basement flood)
Paint upstairs
Sort through and clean out stuff in basement from other house
Replace the pressure control valve (so that water does not spew from the toilet again)
Figure out if I can have a flat screen tv over the fireplace, freeing up more seating area which is in short supply (this will likely involve numerous visits from electricians, home audio whiz kids and the aforementioned trusted contractor)

It was more peaceful when I was complacent.

Watch out family.

This is all in pursuit of my luring you here for Thanksgiving.

All will be made clear in time.

1 comment:

  1. Let the luring begin! You seam to have WAY more energy than I have these days. When your finished with your projects come on down to Troy, paintbrush in hand!



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