Sunday, September 21, 2008

Favorite Things - a giveaway

There are several of my favorites in the snapshot above. First, the sconces that came with the house. They had these glass chimneys that were etched with a little pattern - but one is broken. Still I keep them tucked away because they remind me of the dimestore glass candleholders my grandmother had with a grape pattern on the chimney. I loved those things. I don't know what happened to them.

And the green bound books - they were salvaged from the management office in the building my company bought back. It was the management office that my company originally built out and furnished. But it is a new time, so the old accessories were up for grabs. I got these books and one very large leather bound book.

The bookend is one of a pair, and made of plaster. They are named Lauren and Molly after my cousin and me. We were born the same year, within a month of each other. They are showing some damage from time and moving, but so am I.

That brings us to the Amazing Grace products by philosophy. I have always been fond of perfume. I don't feel dressed without mascara and perfume. Anything else is overkill. This fragrance was billed as having people get close to you because you smell good, clean, fresh. So after mulling it over, I bought some of the Amazing Grace fragrance. Then I went back and bought the body wash/shampoo. Then the lotion. I love it. Then I fell for it's sister: Pure Grace. They are both wonderful. They are all I wear now. Everything else is just not right.

The point? Well, I have been cleaning out, and I found that I have the unused hand cream and roll on fragrance from a larger kit I bought. I'm a sucker for kits, because that's where the value is. Both smell divine. And I want to share.

Just leave a comment by 8 pm EST Sunday evening and tell me one of your favorite things and why, and I will select a winner Sunday evening (fine print: sorry, I can only ship to those of you in the contiguous United States and with a street address because there are liquids involved). If there's more than one of you, I will use the random number generator to select the winner.

If there's only one of you, well, congratulations.

I look forward to finding out.


  1. I have the same old metal Christmas cookie cutters that my mom used for Christmas cookies when I was a little girl. There are about 6 of them and when I make cut-out cookies those are the ones I always go to. I have other shapes as well but they mean nothing to me so I am constantly sticking with the same shapes over and over because they have such wonderful memories associated with them.

  2. One of my favorite things is a small Delft Blue Piggy Bank that used to belong to my mother.
    It is hand painted with a flower on one side, and a windmill on the other.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. One of my fave things is the handmade, blue, 20's style cloche I just bought off etsy. And I thought I wasn't a hat person!



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