Monday, September 15, 2008

No one puts baby Cotton in the corner

This is baby Cotton. Because she's younger and smaller than Gus, and I got her when she was a baby.

She's not feeling well. Again. She spent the weekend with the reflux syndrome. And she's mad at me right now, because I gave Gus one of those treat holding puzzle toys because I was drained from work and needed to cook for therapy and Gus is, he's...well, he's needy. And high maintenance. And a menace toward shoes and handbags when he's bored. And needy. Anyway, Gus got one and Cotton didn't because chewing on that thing will irritate her esophagus. But Cotton got several pieces of cheese because it is soft.

After Gus got the everlasting treat ball, she moved in to take it from him, because no one puts Baby Cotton in the corner. And I said "NO!", so she moped her way in here and flopped. So this is Cotton sulking. Can you tell? Looks a lot like about to fall asleep, huh?

This is a closeup so you can get the full sulk effect. Easier to see her sulk now isn't it. No?

I'm sure this next one will clear it up.

Cotton. Hey, Cotton. Hey. I know you're just sulking. Wake up and give the people your squinty eyed smile.

Baby Cotton is asleep in the corner.

1 comment:

  1. She's beautiful. Don't you just love it when the dogs sulk. They are so human in many ways.

    CJ xx



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