Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photos of Friends

Two friends and I tried a new restaurant last night.  I took my camera planning to get some portraits during our meal.  Something about the restaurant made me uncomfortable about snapping away.  It might have been the note in the menu that said limit cell phone calls and picture taking.  I limited myself to getting a few food photos.

So below is a salad I shared with Signe.  Tomato, olives, walnuts, dill, fennel, cilantro, green onions, romaine and feta were meant to be put on a piece of pita and dipped into the olive oil and vinegar. 

Can't you see this on a big platter for guests at your home?  And how much more simple could this be? 
I ended up smearing some feta on the pita, placing a walnut on that and topping with greens and a tomato wedge.  Then I dipped the edge into the vinegar.  Yum.

Above is my lamb kebob entree.  Tasty.

Cindy ordered a couple more mezza for her main meal - this is the falafel which had an unusual spice that was quite tasty as well.

Good friends, good conversation, good food...good time.

In other news:

  • The cardinal is still bald
  • Hummingbirds have now put the GHSoA (Good Hummingbird Seal of Approval) on my feeder and are currently conducting territorial disputes
  • Summer is my least favorite season.  My favorite is Fall
  • My birthday is in the summer so I never had a birthday party at school
  • I survived no birthday party at school

Gratuitous golden nap shot:


  1. I'm always amazed at how Jon Katz seems to be able to take pictures of people and places like nobody minds. I find it a little strange that your new restaurant asked you to limit pictures. Is that something there is a lot of?

    Gratuitous golden shot is delightful.

    Sounds like you need an "un"birthday party. Or maybe since you are no longer in school you can go ahead and have a full on birthday party. I think your birth date is something a new pen pal should know.

  2. That looks delish! Where did you go?



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