Thursday, August 26, 2010

Small Town

No story here - just liked the small town street scape.  Wish the barrels on the sidewalk had been elsewhere, though.

I didn't get on the Glee train when it first came out.  But I rented the first half of season 1 from Netflix and can report that I am a fan.  The musical numbers are fun.  I like watching a program because it's fun.  I'm also hooked on Rubicon from AMC, and love that the on demand feature from comcast means I don't have to be tied to the broadcast time.  Particularly since it conflicts with another program I like - when I remember to watch it.

Anyway, this sounds like I'm tied to TV more than I am.  I usually punt all week and catch up using on demand on the weekends.

How about you?  Any favorites on your small screen?

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