Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unfortunate Tradition

I took the day off to get my emissions test and my tag, something that has become an unfortunate tradition.  Originally I would always put off this task until the time to do it by Internet had passed.  Now, I just plain forget. 

I slept late, despite howling from one dog and barking from the other.

Then we had breakfast and went for a long walk.  It was nice to be out in the middle of the morning. 

Late in the morning, I indulged in chili cheese Fritos.  I got these a couple weeks ago for something and the entire bag wasn't eaten.  It is now.  Chili cheese Fritos remind me of my brother.

Chili cheese Fritos make my dogs bounce up and down while they try to sit still to see if they will get a bite. That's why the photos are blurry.

The fern I didn't think would survive the summer has done just fine through the heat this summer.

Then I quit stalling and got my emissions test.  Then I spared myself a trip to downtown Atlanta by filing online and printing out the receipt to put in my car.  I figure I'm good until September 1 this way, and my sticker should be here before then.




  1. What? This is how you spent your birthday?
    No cake? No ice cream? No pedicure or afternoon nap?
    Perhaps you are going to pick another day and celebrate an un-birthday when there is more fun planned. Getting your car inspected does NOT fall under the fun things to do on your special day category.

    My dog has given up begging for chips, etc. She has moved on to breakfast food. She seem to think when I'm poaching, frying or scrambling an egg for my father I should include one for her. If I don't, she won't eat her morning kibble and sulks til dinner time, as if it is my fault she's hungry!

  2. A merry bird told me it was your birthday...
    So I came by to leave a Belated birthday greeting and a heartfelt blessing of love for you for the coming year!
    be blessed !



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